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Our Story

Having Our Own Family Is Everything

Christina with our poodles

My Wife Christina

I am so happy with my life after meeting my true love and soulmate Christina. We spend so much time together and with our family.  My wife is an amazing woman.

She loves children and animals. The moment I realized how much she loved children was one of our first vacations in Turks and Caicos. She saw children by the pool and immediately played with them. She continues to show me every day how much she loves children and I see how they love her back.

All our friend's children cry when it’s time for her to leave. She has a love for fashion and I can say our child will be the best dressed. I only pray that we can adopt a beautiful child. Christina will be a great mother with her love, warmth, and stability.

My Husband Ron

Ron is the most amazing guy I ever met. He has the biggest heart in the world and will do anything for someone he loves, especially me.


He has never shown one act of selfishness since I know him.​He puts me above everything. I know he would do the same for our child. He is so much fun and makes everyone smile and laughs. My entire family tells me what a happy vibe they have in his presence. Ron is my best friend and soulmate. We are just missing a baby to complete our family.​


Unfortunately, I am unable to become pregnant myself and that is why we choose the adoption path. Together I know we will be the most amazing parents as our friends and friends tell us. We are an extremely happy couple. We want to share this happiness with a baby!


Ron Bowling

More About Us

Christmas is our favorite and we create our home to be a mini North pole! We love to host the holidays! We love swimming and bowling. We enjoy concerts and live entertainment. Christina loves to cook and makes all the best meals! She loves to try new recipes. We love to dine out and try all the different cuisines. We love having movie nights! We enjoy family time and having big parties! We have a lot of parties here with family and friends. We sing and dance and have a blast! Ron is a baker and can make all the best treats.

We have a great life and we are very happy, but nothing would make us happier in life then to raise a child together. Christina is a nurse and is extremely caring, patient and loving. She is so amazing with her patients as all her coworkers mention. She has a heart of gold and wants to give that love to a child. Ron is caring, sweet, and just as loving. We also have our own business and his work ethic is incredible. We want to give a child all these characteristics. We believe in strong education and culture. We think it is important to install all these important values in raising a child. We both also love child and could not imagine not having one. Please give us this opportunity!


Being Silly!

IMG_8138 3.JPG

Bowling with our neice!


Ron with the poodles!


Bowling again!

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