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The Only Thing Missing In Our Lives Is A Baby.

Thank You for taking the time to learn about us. We Are Christina & Ron.

We finally found true love together and are starting to build a family.


To complete our family we realized something was missing in our lives, a child to care for. We are so grateful to have you consider us as adoption parents. We want nothing more in the world than to be parents together.


We have a special relationship and everyone seems to say we represent happiness and positivity. We want to bring up a child in this type of environment and show them all this love we have waiting. We are ready for this phase of our lives and promise to give love, security, education, and values to this child. 


We find the fun everywhere!


Danny & Sandy! Halloween party

@ our home


We love to cook!

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We Believe Family

A good Home is where the heart is. We believe in raising a child in a happy and loving home.


We love our home and spend so much time with family and friends here! 

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Let's Connect Real Soon!

We are very eager to meet with you and talk. You can reach us any time by text, email or a phone call.

Phone: 516-331-1963


You can also reach our Attorney Faith Getz Rousso, P.C.

Office: 516-500-9292

Cell: 516-880-3311

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We love the beach!

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